Suka Maju Company is the Holding company of Bali Coco. It established on 1983 started with local business such as rice mill factory, coconut trader, pig & chicken farm, poultry shop, clove and cocoa trader, etc. Then in 2006 Suka Maju developed a company named Bali Coco specializing in produce and export coconut fiber. Our company has about 20 employees and 30 freelance, produce 85,000-90,000 kg/month of coconut fiber. Recently we expand with bigger production capacity, wider drying floor, and warehouse.

Total width of the factory is 2.6 hectare. We deliver coconut fiber about 4-5 container 40 HC per month. We produce export quality of coconut fiber which is golden brown color, length 5-20cm, impurity ± 5%, moisture ±18 % and other specification as you can see on Product page. With wide coconut’s plantation surround factory and big human resource we produce in stable amount of quantity and always keep in export quality standard.

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