Coco fiber production process is as follow:

Process flow of coconut fiber
  1. Coconut husk thrown to conveyor belt then get into the crusher machine to separate fibers from peat. The main component of crusher machine is a rotating pit with particular blades on it. Then fibers from crusher machine, get into the sifter machine to remove coco peat from coco fiber that still remain.
  2. Fibers that get out from the Sifter Machine spread at the drying floor and stir it up for several times to remove some coco peat. After fibers dry and tested then it collected. The worker push dried fibers into the cleaner machine to remove short fibers and coco peat for the last time. Coco peat removal did several times to reduce impurity of coconut fiber which is low impurity is one of fiber’s export requirement.
  3. Then fibers packed by high pressure machine and strap with plastic band. The worker stack fiber in bale by some raw at the warehouse and ready to ship.


1. Coconut fiber

Coconut fiber

Specification as follow:

Colour : golden brown

Moisture : ±18 %

Length : 5-20cm

Impurity : ± 5%

Package : 95-110 kg/bale

Quantity : ± 197 bales / container 40 HC

2. Coconut peat

A lot of coconut peat in bulk
Test coconut peat high EC and low EC as a planting media for Korean vegetable seeds






Germination seeds using coco peat low EC compare to high EC









Roots of the seeds grow result for 3 days in coco peat